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Pool Sanitation


Prozone purifies pool and spa water, makes it sparkling clean and clear, and reduces the need for chemicals up to 90%, while neutralizing harsh, irritating byproducts of all pool chemicals. Ozone, the most powerful oxidizer in nature, is the natural water purifier of the century. And Prozone is the simplest, most effective ozone system on the market today.

Ozone is now the world's number one defense against modern resistant organisms while producing no by-products. Ozone has been used for over a century by large water systems worldwide. Traditionally, ozone systems have been complex and costly. Now, utilizing aerospace technology, Prozone has made purification safe and cost-effective for even the smallest applications.

Today, Prozone is recognized as the industry standard for portable spas and is rapidly becoming the standard for pools. With more than 2,000,000 pools and spas using VUV (Very Ultra Violet) ozone systems, Prozone continues to lead the way with innovative, reliable, and safe ozonators and water treatment systems.