Garden Masters

PVC Membranes

Swimming Pools

The most delicate, difficult decision is the choice of the LINER, the material that covers protects and waterproofs the structure of the pool. AquaPool offers the ideal solution to line your pool. Your beautiful AquaPool will look brand new for many years to come with minimum maintenance costs. AquaPool is long lasting backed by a 10 year supplier and installer guarantee which is the result of quality assurance ISO 9001

  • The complete waterproofing is guaranteed.
  • Inalterability to warm-cold cycles.
  • Resistance to U.V. radiation.
  • Dimensional stability.
  • Colour stability.
  • Extremely easy to clean.
  • Resistance to microorganisms, such as Algae and Fungi.
  • Safe anti-slip surface.
  • Resistance to chemicals used for pool water treatment.
  • Untearable reinforced matrix.