Garden Masters

Company Profile

  • Aqua-Masters as a member of WWA (World Waterpark Association) and SPATA (Swimming Pool and Associate Trades Association) is involved in the field of Waterparks, Turnkey Pool construction, Health Clubs, Fountains, Landscaping, Reconstituted Rock Features, Patterned Flooring (stamped concrete), Plumbing and Drainage, Geomembrane installations for Ponds, Water Reservoirs and large projects in Environmental Protection. Aqua-Masters also undertakes the Maintenance of the swimming pools and the supply of Chemicals.
  • Aqua-Masters is a market leader in Cyprus and the Gulf Countries with extensive experience in hotels, the tourist and leisure industry, in the private and public sector in all fields mentioned above.
  • The capabilities of Aqua-Masters are extensive thanks to its multidisciplinary design, engineering staff and its experienced 200 technicians and artisans, plus semi-permanent subcontractors of various specialties.
  • Our Staff is constituted of highly qualified university graduates and trained, skilled technicians and artisans. The company maintains a continuous education policy and is always at the cutting edge of technology.
  • Aqua-Masters Head-Office, Stores and Workshop are located at the Nicosia (Strovolos) Industrial Area where stocks are kept of all necessary piping, membranes, materials, pumps, tools construction equipment etc. necessary for Aqua-Masters operations and for the convenience of our clients.
  • Our Doha-Qatar office is centrally located (Beside Blue Saloon and Al Fardan Automobile Showroom) while Stores, Workshop and Labour accommodation are located in the Industrial Area. We offer our Clients the same turnkey services including Landscaping, Swimming Pool Construction and related Electromechanical installations, Fountains, Soft Landscape and Irrigation, Hardscape (Rock Art), Plumbing and drainage works etc. In addition the office, through the local set up, offers our clients a professional maintenance and after sales service.
  • Aqua-Masters works with the Bank of Cyprus, Marfin Popular Bank and HSBC and has sound financial foundations and backing.
  • Aqua-Masters is computerized both in the design section and the operations. Accounting, Stock Control and Costing are networked and pricing follows a policy of small margin on large volume of work.
  • Aqua-Masters' departments of Electro-Mechanical, Landscape, Membranes, Pools and Rock-Art etc, quote for various jobs independently and often carry out work in their particular field of specialty without dependence on the other departments.
  • Aqua-Masters is protected with the Registrar of Companies and Trademarks all its trademarks and business names for international operations.
  • Aqua-Masters has completed 20 years of successful track record with many satisfied clients in Cyprus, Europe and the Middle East, as one can see from the extensive photographic record of the various projects.
  • Aqua-Masters advises its client on the various options regarding landscaping, amusement projects, leisure and other projects in its field of specialization.
  • Our Landscape Division is stuffed with Highly Qualified Landscape Engineers, Horticulture Engineers, Irrigation Engineers, skilled and experienced technicians with Vast experience in the Field, Runs its own Nurseries and is fully equipped.
  • Our Rock-Art section is one of the very few in the world with such imagination and expertise in theme design of Hotel landscapes, Aqua-Parks etc. It operates its own factory of GFRC rock panels, decorative elements and panels.
  • The company as a member of WWA (World Waterpark Association) has extensive experience in the construction and maintenance of Aqua-Parks and can advise on project feasibility or undertake the project as a turnkey solution. Its Kuwait partnership is an owner and operator of the Kuwait Aqua Park.
  • Our fast-track high quality system for building swimming pools and lagoons, as well as patterned flooring, allows large Hotel and Resort projects or renovations to be completed in limited time.
  • Aqua-Masters is one of the world leaders in membrane installation technology. It started with PVC membranes in swimming pools and extended this know-how to planters, water-tanks, roofing and environmental applications with hundreds of thousands square meters as references.
  • Aqua-Masters has expanded in the last 15 years into HDPE supply and installation technology and has completed 2,000,000, m2 of reputable projects worldwide. It has 4 double wedge-welding machines, 3 extrusion machines, testing equipment and 4 certified welders.
  • Futsal and tennis courts are undertaken by Aqua-Masters PLC. Sports Division using 3rd generation artificial grass surfaces. Futsal is a football game (5 each side) played on an artificial elastic grass surface, which is extremely successful and has gained worldwide popularity.